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3 Reasons Why LAUNCHLEFT w/ Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix and Moon Unit Zappa

LAUNCHLEFT is available at Feral Audio.


by Walter Price


To quote Feral Audio”s LAUNCHLEFT’s show blurb, “Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix and Moon Unit Zappa interview extraordinary minds, mavericks, brick throwers, and pioneers in their unique fields. As two women from artistically uncompromising families, Moon and Rain celebrate nonconformists who achieve success by doing it their way, and support ‘left of center’ emerging artists.”

And that is what you get. With perfectly matched co-hosts in Zappa and Phoenix. Friendly, earthy, and tactile back and forth banter with brief glimpses into their storied backgrounds and famed families. The duo, in the first three episodes, are clearly finding their way in this world of podcasting but it never gets uncomfortable. And nor does it ever feel contrived. What it is, is two longtime friends getting together with notable mavericks sharing histories and futures of music, arts, and beyond.

I’m only three-deep into the series and I’ve already learned Michael Stipe nervously knocked over a table full of sushi on Leonard Cohen, Moby has just enough stock in Whole Foods to make music without music sales, and Spike Jonze first real inroad into music was the Ramones (via Rock ‘n’ Roll High School). As well as getting to know the sounds of Julie Mintz, Ane Diaz, and Kevin Abstract

Launchleft is a program for all music geeks who lean a little off-center and revel in the pureness of artistic creativity and is well worth a binge. Below you can check out the first three reasons why this new podcast.




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