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Selector Dub Narcotic

Selector Dub Narcotic musicSelector Dub Narcotic – Hotter Than Hott

by Walter Price


Hott rocks indeed. Fascinating sneaky beat, lyrical catch-all and a vibe undeniable catchy. Selector Dub Narcotic  (Calvin Johnson) “Hotter Than Hott” is a mischievous track, a song that reminds me of first hearing MC 900 Ft, Jesus and early Beck and moves like dancy poetry. It’s streetart in song.

Johnson told me this about the track,“Hotter than Hott” is a song composed on the run. Smoke put together the beat using some guitar bass drum bits & pieces he had around the house. When I heard it I knew it was the genesis for “hotter than Hott”. As I toured about the United States as a solo Calvin the words for the song formed and came together as a collection of sounds and images. Before we could say “Jack Robinson” I was dancing down an alley behind 4th Ave. in downtown Olympia and the video was born. The rest of the album arrived on its tail.”


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Film / Edit by Red Williamson
Production Assistant: John Swetz
Behind the scenes: Dinea de Photo



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