23. August 2013 By Walter Price 2

See Ya Later Crüe?

In the 8th grade I was asked to write a ‘persuasive speech’ in my drama class. Mrs. C (we’ll call her) said I had carte blanche on my choice of topics. Good, so my topic would be ‘Why You Should Listen To Motley Crüe.’ 

By the time I got to my closing line, which was the opening to The Crüe’s second album “Shout At The Devil” (’83), “So come now children of the beast, be strong and shout at the…” BAM, BOOM, BANG!!! I was tossed into a prop closet and asked to not return to class.

Either, the man is always trying to keep me down! Or I was a stupid kid! Both, I reckon. 

That brings me to what Motley Crüe’s Vince Neil told the Oakland Press about the future of the metal dramatists. Neil claims, that he thinks, the band will hang it up in 2014-2015. Citing health issues of Mick Mars 

“It’s just time. Mick’s (Mars) health is not that good, and touring is tough on him. I’m sure in five, 10 years’ time we’ll probably do something together again, but it’s not gonna be like a Kiss farewell to the farewell to the farewell tour. We’re not gonna be like that.” -Vince Neil (Oakland Press)

And the need or desire to go out on top:
“It’s definitely for real,” confirms Neil, 52. “We want to go out on top. We don’t want to be one of those bands that people are like, ‘Oh, they’re playing a … little club now. We still sell out arenas and do stadium shows and stuff like that, and that’s how we want to be remembered.” – Vince Neil (Oakland Press)

Well, after 30+ years, that will be a sad day for the metal community indeed. Maybe Vince can make another stellar solo album like Carved In Stone (’95).

Mick Mars took to Twitter (on Aug. 22) to say this:

“Any rumors regarding a farewell tour due to ‘my poor health’ are BS. I am doing fine, my AS has never kept me from touring and never will.” – Mick Mars @mrmickmars
Please read the full Oakland Press article HERE!

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