Scott H. Biram
25. August 2015 By Walter Price 0

Scott H. Biram Still Drunk Still Crazy Still Blue

Scott H. BiramI’m still stoned I’m still alone I’m still wrong…

by Walter Price


Austin based Scott H. Biram is a pleasant and accidental discovery. Catching up on missed seasons of Sons Of Anarchy during the unnecessary murder scene (2011 spoiler alert) of one of my fave characters, Piney, came on a soundtrack tune that immediately rang true Jones, Waylon, Haggard and a dusting of Muddy Waters with rock style cynicism. “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue” moves bar-boned drenched in lonely drink drivin” yearning for what was. The song comes from the 2009 album Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever (Bloodshot) and is a true Texas gem. This is gritty modern classic country at its best and works sort of like a blueprint of what current country radio should sound like.


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