James Harries
26. August 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why James Harries

James HarriesFar off a tune’s played honky-tonking out of key, For how long was it our song, I’m crying at the memory…

by Walter Price


Czech Republic based singer/songwriter James Harries is set to release a new album Until The Sky Bends Down 29th of August. The first single “Salvation” is a mind blower if you’ve followed his career up until now. I won’t say the near whimsical romanticism of a young singer/songwriter is completely gone but a new matured in sounds has emerged, a new pop sensibility with powerfully beautiful and vast arrangement and lyrics full of life and hope. I would hazard to say this track is his most commercially accessible work to date. Even his appearance has changed from coffeehouse troubadour to more of a top of the charts swagger. Don’t get me twisted, his writing and voice have and always will be his powers and they are intact and better than ever. Transformations can be tricky but not this time, James Harries has come into his own.

Here are the 3 reasons why James Harries.


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Won’t You Lay Down Beside Me