23. April 2019 By Walter Price 0

A Dark Greek Psych Triumph: THE RUNDAYS – “Psycall” (EP)

The Rundays – Psycall is available now @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price


Without going too far into avant-garde psychedelia, Greece’s The Rundays new EP ‘Psycall’ does lurk in the shadows of gloom-garage. The album’s opener is a shadowy burn…a driving thump swelling as it pulls you into a swirling vortex. But this song isn’t here to pigeonhole this release. Over the next several tracks, things do switch up a bit without wandering too far from the core soundscape architecture and thought-provoking lyrics. EP highlights in this six-track collection are the title track, the guitar work near the end of “Paranoia”, “Neverland”, and the almost positive swing of “Streets are Fire”.

All in all, the cats from Thessaloniki, have a dark psych triumph on their hands. Check it below, and your spring/summer just got trippier.



Giorgos Kytidis – Alexis Eleftheriadis – Thanasis Papadopoulos – Stavros Kortesa

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