Joe Kaplow
24. April 2019 By Walter Price 0

Cathartic Musing of JOE KAPLOW – “Corncob Pipe” (Time Spent In Between LP)

Joe Kaplow – Time Spent In Between is available @ iTunes.

Joe Kaplow

by Walter Price


 In my long twisted career in the music business, it’s been only twice that an artist has mentioned Bonnie “Prince” Billy. The marvelous Lo Carmen has made mention and now Joe Kaplow. Which struck me, Billy isn’t a name that drips from the tongue of the average up and coming, songwriter…

And Kaplow’s new album, ‘Time Spent In Between’, has plenty of similarities to much of Billy’s catalog (as well as hints of Adam Green). Cathartic musings, wrapped in folkish pop. Personal lyrical phrasing that could never fit a formulaic scheme as humor and deprecation guide this songwriter’s tales.

As I hear it, the track “Corncob Pipe” exemplifies much of what this album is. A human doing what he thinks people do. Discovery. Life is full of little moments intertwined with idyllic notions…experiences as experiments. Some beautiful, some painful, and others just there to bewilder

. And if you can sing about them, all the better…



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