Royal Oak A Song For Ya
3. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…already over it, ROYAL OAK A Song For Ya

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Royal Oak A Song For Ya

by Walter Price

Vancouver garage-pop outfit Royal Oak drop an ode that its muse may or may not have been asking for. “A Song For Ya” has an origin story that the band’s Brayson Wong is accredited to sharing, “Like many other pop punk bands, we wrote a song about a breakup. My ex always pestered me to write songs about her but that inspiration never came to me ’til now. Be careful what you wish for, though!”

Super melodic, backed by that super balanced slow-motion high energy. Kinda like what Coldplay does but with a Jimmy Eat World approach. If you know, you know. Somewhere in the press release it claims that you can sing a long and mosh to this catchy AF single, but a hard sway is probably all you’ll be able to muster as you loudly harmonize with the pop-infused rocknrollers from British Columbia….and there isn’t anything wrong with that!

You can stream the pop-punk “A Song For Ya”, here at the GTC.


Artwork (by Jessica Dawn), band photo, and quotes courtesy of Auteur Research PR

Austin Ledyard
Brayson Wong
Myles Philpott
Michael Kragelj

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For this song, we really leaned into the pop-punk vibe while still keeping our alt-pop foundation. And what’s more pop-punk than the bleeps and bloops from your old Super Nintendo? We’d already been experimenting with using video game noises for their fun, nostalgic feel, and that was exactly the vibe we were trying to capture with this song, so they fit right in.” – Royal Oak

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