Tyler Burkhart
4. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…rooms that you never go, TYLER BURKHART I Don’t Wanna Know

Tyler Burkhart I Don’t Wanna Know is available on Bandcamp, Tidal, Deezer

Tyler Burkhart

by Walter Price

What makes a popular artist? Is it sales or possibly streams or large concert audiences…A question that is certainly subjective. In many ways, that’s why it’s always interesting to stumble upon an indie artist that has such a substantial reach as Lancaster, PA singer-songwriter Tyler Burkhart. Yet, was completely unknown to me and perhaps you as well.

I’ve been introduced to Burkhart via his navigating-relationships-is-complicated single “I Don’t Wanna Know”. With a sparse and otherwordly folksy arrangement that reminds me of what Band of Horses and Beirut have been made famous for. But, of course, Burkhart adds his touches of soft jangle and airy vocal style to make it all his own— Subtle, real, and hauntingly lovely. For me, this track was the gateway into a stunning back catalog. That, everyone seemed to know about—except for me and perhaps, you.

Regardless of how many cool indie artists you know and love, there’s an entire world of unknown to you storytellers waiting to be heard. Get started on Burkhart’s flourishing legacy, as I have, by having a listen to “I Don’t Wanna Know”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo and lyric via Bandcamp

Written and performed by Tyler Burkhart
Mastered by Troy Messerall

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Said your heart is like a home
there are rooms that you never go

Now I’m standing at your door
wondering what I came here for.

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