Angela Powis If I Fall
5. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…all these scars, ANGELA POWIS If I Fall

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Angela Powis If I Fall

by Walter Price

And just like that, bedroom pop artist Angela Powis drops another cathartic single, “If I Fall”. As with most of her back catalog, this single could compare to this songwriter’s diary entries, documentation of life ever-evolving, or perhaps even therapeutic confessionals. And for me, this is all the magic. Knowing that the songwriter is working things out and letting us the listeners sing along as her journey plays out adds even more authenticity.

If I fall will you catch me?
Can it last all eternity?
Wish upon a star
That’s what I want
looking for eternity
It’s what I want

“If I Fall” finds Powis reaching for the celestial highs of her vocal ability as she contemplates trust and strength. Empowering and self-aware, this song oozes the truths of uncertainty. An emotional ride for sure, but, just as you want to feel concern for the storyteller…an overwhelming sense of hope will wash over you by the song’s closing. Full circle, as they say…

You can stream the fresh leap-of-faith track, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Lyric and quote via Bandcamp

Singer/songwriter Angela Powis
Producer beatsbyjonty
Mix and master schmiddi090

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When you’re falling but your scared. Falling in love is like falling through the sky holding hands with that person. it’s not knowing where you’re headed but the journey is everything, it’s taking a risk in love after heartbreak and falling anyway.” – bio

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