right by you
12. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

Show me how to, KARIMA WALKER & KATY KIRBY – Right By You

Karima Walker & Katy Kirby – Right By You [Among Horses V EP] is available at Bandcamp, Spotify.

Right By You

by Walter Price

As if finding yourself on a secluded and picturesque horse retirement ranch wasn’t dreamy enough, what if you took two songwriters, unknown personally to one another, and asked them to produce an album in about a week’s time? You’d be staring down the tracklist of one of the best if not unsung EPs of 2020. “Among Horses V”, is 5 tracks of delicate earthiness and whispery truths. Written by the brilliant talents Karima Walker and Katy Kirby, this album is, for people who like to feel what they hear, an instant roots classic.

And to introduce yourself to your new favorite album, there’s no better place to start than track 1. “Right By You” is a song about connectivity and willingness to try to make the pieces fit. Tactile lyrics and sentiments that can be molded into whatever scenarios you thrive and/or survive in.

I just wanna do right by you
Show me how to
tell me what you need
you’re a mystery, I am too
I just wanna do right you

In the free box at the bargain store I found you
there’s no hiding tailored lines, at that moment I knew
little frayed around the sleeves, didn’t get your stitch in time
the tag said dry clean only but you’re holding up just fine

Beautifully written lyrics and delivered in a tone that I feel embody the surroundings in which they were conjured. When an artist or artists let the words breathe and let the production act as a womb, then this sort of pretty will change souls and soundtrack memorable moments.

And you can stream this song and the entire beauty that is the Among Horses EP, now at the GTC.


Band photo courtesy of Son Canciones

Songs are written & played by Karima Walker & Katy Kirby
Recorded at Mas Casanova (Sora, Catalonia) in the fall of 2019
Produced by Alain Quateau & Lieven Scheerlinck
Mixed & mastered by Alain Quateau
Design by Mabel Alonso

Music Video

right by you

Karima Walker // Son Canciones // Katy Kirby

Only solar power was used in the making of this EP. The songs were recorded mostly in one take and without special effects. Straight from the soil into your headphones.” – bandcamp bio

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