The Angry Lisas
11. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

Cobblestone and older paths, THE ANGRY LISAS – True South

The Angry Lisas – Slate Violet LP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

Angry Lisas

by Walter Price

Whether you go back to the heyday of Toad the Wet Sprocket and Afghan Whigs or you’re up to date and into the sounds of Cold Years and The Gaslight Anthem, Portland-based The Angry Lisas’ new album ‘Slate Violet’ will satisfy your well-honed indie-rock hunger pangs.

With all ten tracks inspired by the lived experiences of the band’s songwriter/vocalist Sean Taylor, this release is a weighty and fresh journey detailed in all of its alt-rock glory. As the guitarist explains, “I’ve always had a really hard time letting go of things. There are these moments that stick in my brain that are really hard for me to stop thinking about. I overanalyze everything, every detail.”

And to get you acclimated, check out the deep cut, the regret heavy, “True South”. Contemplative and crunchy, this song is a timeless gem worth rolling the car windows down and cranking your device up to 11.

Cobblestone and older paths
Winding back on covered tracks
Every time I try to leave I end up staying one more night
The maps were crumpled up and torn
Pulses beating south to north
We were lost and found with hearts true south,
and the scars still burning

‘Slate Violet’ is a straight forward rock n roll dynamo and you’d never be able to pigeonhole its unfailing allure. And you can stream the LP in full as well as “True South”, now at the GTC.


Band photo courtesy of Public Display PR

All Songs Written by Sean Taylor & The Angry Lisas

Guitar/Vocals – Sean Taylor
Bass – Daniel Marcus
Lead Guitar – Cody French
Drums – Jason Howe

Mixed and mastered by Mike Sahm at Dream Awake Audio
Produced by The Angry Lisas & Mike Sahm

The Angry Lisas

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Regret, nostalgia, gratitude, and sorrow color the restless memories that he has collected over the last decade, memories that display themselves in bristling intensity on the band’s album, Slate Violet. The act of writing is not merely a passion for Taylor, but also a necessity; it is the sole means by which he is able to process and heal from those chapters of his past. “I need that process to do that for me. Cheap man’s therapy.” – bio

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