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…feel you haunting me, SINGLE: MOXI – Hush

MOXI – Hush is available at Spotify, Apple Music.


by Walter Price

Earlier this year, LA wife and husband duo MOXI [Anna/ Andy Toy] dropped a super lush dream-pop stunner called, “Hush”. A personal slow-burner that laments the mentality of one’s well-being and it certainly can’t be considered a singular sonic experience. As Anna’s ethereal vocals are pitched and tugged into far-out tones and Andy’s psychedelic dark-wave arrangement join forces to create an indelible brooding and meditative journey.

I, I could feel you
Haunting me

Hold on to, the night
We might stay here for a while

I, I could feel you haunting me

And here I go, again

Produced/co-written by award-winning musician/songwriter Bobby Hartry, “Hush” is just as the one-sheet advertises, soundtrack ready. A single that’ll have fans of The Know, New Spell, and Still Corners adding it to their favorite shadowy playlists. And you can stream this hypnotizing single as well as the outfit’s Spotify hit, “Save Me”, now at the GTC.


Hush + Save Me

Anna Toy photo via Facebook

Anna Toy
Andy Toy

Produced/co-written by Bobby Hartry
Mixed by Bryan Cook


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Drawing on elements from pop, classic cinema, and 80’s new wave, Moxi presents Anna’s distinct vocals against a backdrop of dark electronic textures, innovative guitar sonics and enigmatic, dream pop melodies.” – bio

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