El tubo elástico
9. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

el tubo elástico – La marcha elástica de los enanitos

el tubo elástico – La marcha elástica de los enanitos is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

It’s been a bit of time since Spain’s modern-day prog-rockers el tubo elástico released their powerful IMPALA EP. But that’s not to say that this outfit has been laying low since then. This past April, the Jerez outfit dropped a magical and sprawling 16 minute + juggernaut that’s a masterfully layered beauty. It has an open road, windows down, and all the world’s worries faded by the breeze vibe. And with each and every stream, a new twist will intrigue the listener.

“La marcha elástica de los enanitos” [The elastic march of the dwarfs], lands someplace btw Pat Metheny, King Crimson, and Animals As Leaders and it’s as technical and weighty and as it is vast in all aspects of reference. And you can stream this prog stunner and the IMPALA masterclass EP, now at the GTC.

La marcha elástica de los enanitos


La marcha elástica de los enanitos
Alfonso Romero: Bass and synth pedals
Carlos Cabrera: Drums
Dani Gonzalez: Guitar and keyboard
Vizen Rivas: Guitar

Edition and premixes: Alfonso Romero
Mixed and mastered by Rafa Camisón in Estudio 79
Photo: Javier Remacha

Daniel González: Guitars, keyboards, and programming
Vizen Rivas: Guitars and programming
Carlos Cabrera: Drums and percussion
Alfonso Romero: Bass, keyboards, and programming

El tubo elástico

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El tubo elástico are an instrumental progressive rock band from Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz, Spain). Their influences are diverse, taking in progressive, symphonic, space, math and post-rock as well as elements of funk, psychedelia, electronic and psy-ambient.” – bio

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