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PROG-AMBIENT: El tubo elástico – ‘Impala’ (Instrumental EP)

El tubo elástico – Impala is available @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


When you think ‘prog-rock’, I’m sure your mind immediately flashes memories of Rush, ELP, and King Crimson. Rightly so, they can be credited as the hallowed forefathers of the technical, perhaps nerdy, side of rock. But what if you mixed in elements of Keenen, Metheny, and a splash of psych? Hailing from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, modern experimental rockers el tubo elástico are exactly what you’re looking for. Their recently released EP ‘Impala‘ is a marvel of musicianship wizardry. I’ll admit I usually dig my rock n’ roll a bit lose and gritty, but as the seasons are changing and the morning fog haunts the forest near my home and the news cycles continue to bewilder…I’ve increasingly appreciated this brilliant new soundtrack to the chaotic world unfolding around us all.


el tubo elástico – IMPALA

Daniel González – Vizen Rivas – Carlos Cabrera – Alfonso Romero

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