15. November 2018 By Walter Price 0

MORE RIOTOUS COWBELL, PLEASE: Istanbul’s THE MOBBERS’ debut single “Run Baby Run”

The Mobbers – “Run Baby Run is available @ Bandcamp.


by Walter Price


I caught wind of Instanbul garage-punk duo The Mobbers from the Maria Savva article for RRAR, and I was taken back. Taken back to the glory days of garage rock when sonic heroes like The Kinks, Seeds, MC5, and the Cramps were making me sweat. Unadulterated raw rock. The dirty no holds barred sort. The Mobbers, (Merih Ozkan and Cem Coban), have all the low-fi grit on their debut single “Run Baby Run”.  Trigger warning, this song is about a boy who really likes a girl… a burning desire. There could be various interpretations around the third verse, but I feel comfortable that It’s a timeless chapter of youth. Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs kinda want. And a cowbell to boot? More, please…

She’s so young, she’s so wild, Alice in Wonderland
I’m trembling and hardly thinking, her eyes on me all the time
It’s better to stop but I rather go go, nothing wrong she told me so
Kiss me hard, I wanna make it last, I bet you never know, this is a shaking blast



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