Glass Heart String Choir
17. November 2018 By Walter Price 0

CLASSICALLY-INFLUENCED CINEMATIC SONGS: Glass Heart String Choir – “Your Voice” (Light EP)

Glass Heart String Choir – ‘Light’ is available @ Bandcamp.

Glass Heart String Choir

by Walter Price


In a vast sea of disposable music, every once and a while something comes along that notches out its very own immaculately unique nook. Seatle’s Glass Heart String Choir has just released their debut EP ‘Light’. A five-track ode to the beauty of voice and the instruments that cradle it. Vocalist Ian Williams carries notes like a penetrating whisper, reminding me of the delivery sensitivities of Zach Condon and Markéta Irglová. Accompanied by the remarkable multi-instrumented Katie Mosehauer, these two are composing truly beautiful cinematic sounds. Breathing fragile breezes into existence.

Experience their newest single “Your Voice” and its Chris J. Cunningham filmed (edited by Mosehauer) video below.



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Video filmed in Govan, WA and Wynoochee Falls, WA.
Shot by Chris J. Cunningham, edited by Katie Mosehauer.

Your Voice was written by Ian Williams and Katie Mosehauer.
Vocal and acoustic guitar performance by Ian Williams.
Violin, viola, cello, piano, organ, and harmonium performance by Katie Mosehauer.
Recorded and produced by Katie Mosehauer.
Mixed by Pierre Ferguson and Katie Mosehauer.
Mastered by Pierre Ferguson.


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