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22. February 2018 By Walter Price 0

Kt Emmerson: Rich Girls’ “HIT” , Garage Goes Gothic…

Rich Girls are available on Bandcamp.

rich girls

by Kt Emmerson


Going for a much more ghostly, ethereal, goth vocals approach than their earlier fundamentally garage rock din, “HIT” transitions and transcends into a believable and authentic dark post-punk (is it post-post-punk now?) sound. Added tinkle synth and grungy slow bassline give it the dark wave once over.

What makes it special is the sweet melodic synth-pop repetitions perfect for your smoky smooth swaying footwork but also reminiscent of their garage guitar slap a la Exene. A California influenced Goth sound. Less industrial and more Less Than Zero palm trees and golden sunsets kind of alt.

It’s good for doing the dishes or for a magical trip into your chandelier laden inner world. I wouldn’t be surprised if it accompanied the occasional afternoon bedroom rendezvous. Decidedly sexy, smart, and most importantly…cool (in the coolest sense of the word).

I give it a lace gloved thumbs up.



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