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Emma Swift Covers Neil Young – ’75 “Mellow My Mind”

Emma Swift Covers “Mellow My Mind” pre-order available at Bandcamp.

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by Walter Price


February 28, 2018, will see the release of a digital split single from Emma Swift and Pony Boy (Marchelle Bradanini). Both unique artists covering seminal tracks from an interesting if not daunting era of Neil Young’s career. Swift’s takes on “Mellow My Mind” from Young’s heavy 1975 release, ‘Tonight’s the Night’.

I’d like to know which vulnerabilities drove Swift to choose this track in particular. When Young wrote this track in ’73 he was suffering the loss of long-time friends and collaborators Bruce Berry (roadie) and Danny Whitten (Crazy Horse).  So it would seem a task to draw from or emulate that emotional turmoil. But Swift has always had the brilliance to get to those shadowy places. And her version of “Mellow My Mind” is no exception.

Swift’s video for the cover is a lonely night. A night paying tribute to not just Young, but The Smiths make an appearance as well as some other, I assume, influential figures from the artist’s histories. The film’s storyline driving thoughts of loss and/or yearnings is mesmerizing.

Both tracks from the forthcoming release were recorded in Nashville and produced by Adam Landry and Justin Collins.



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