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Review: Trucker Diablo ‘Songs Of Iron’

Trucker Diablo bandBy Maria Haskins



Trucker Diablo Songs Of IronI think I just fell in love. And the object of my affection just happens to be heavy, hard, northern Irish, old-school, and sporting one heck of an attractive belt buckle. Yes, I’m talking about Trucker Diablo and the band’s second album “Songs of Iron”, an irresistible release chockfull of what the band quite rightfully calls “old school classic rock”.

Does it have a Thin Lizzy vibe? Hell yes. A spoonful of Creedence Clearwater Revival in there? Damn straight. An occasional AC/DC and ZZ-Top flavor? Bet your ass. All that and more: this is strong, pure, real rock’n’roll that’ll get your heart racing, your head banging and your body moving, and keep you slavering for more.

Trucker Diablo brings it all on this release: killer guitar riffs, blazing solos that’ll singe your ears, fat and delicious rumble-your-bones bass, drums that shake you up from the inside, and strong vocals with just the right touch of gruff and grit. Add well-crafted lyrics about cars, having fun, love and women, and music that manages to be heavy, hard, and hooky, with a lot of nuances and musical depth below the riffs and drums, and you have a concoction that’ll keep you coming back for more.

From the first track, the terrific get-you-fired-up rocker “Red Light On” with its lovely bass rumbling below the hood, to the final track, the hard-driving and Thin Lizzy-vibing “I Wanna Party With You”, the band packs in one hit after another. Those hits include “Year Of The Truck” with a fire-wall of flaming hot riffs rearing up behind the vocals, and the guts and glory rocker “The Rebel”, sporting some crushingly heavy guitar-work.

The track that really made me fall in love though is (the also Thin Lizzy-infused) “Drive” – one of those magic tunes that perfectly fuses powerful emotion, a righteous melody, and hard-rocking music. It’s the kind of track that ought to be a worldwide hit and play on my radio every single time I turn it on.

Trucker Diablo drives so hard and fast it makes me gasp for breath (I like that) with tracks like the irresistible “The Streets Run Red”, and the heart-throbbing classic rocker “Lie To Me”. Power-ballad “Maybe You’re The One”, strips it down but keeps the fire going, and it’s the kind of love song that is so good it hurts (I like that too).

“Highway Radio” and “When’s It Gonna Rain?” show off what the band can do with a hot and sweet southern rock vibe, while “Shame On You” is just a heavy ripper of a tune with the guitars and bass roughing you up and making sure you like it.

Yes, I am definitely in love, and if you want to find out why you should let Trucker Diablo take you for a drive: you won’t regret where it takes you.

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  • Tom Harte: guitar, vocals
  • Simon Haddock: guitar, vocals
  • Glenn Harrison: bass guitar
  • Terry Crawford: drums


  1. Red Light On
  2. Year Of The Truck*
  3. The Rebel
  4. Drive
  5. Not So Superstar
  6. The Streets Run Red
  7. Lie To Me
  8. Maybe You’re The One
  9. Bulldozer
  10. Rock Hallelujah
  11. Highway Radio
  12. When’s It Gonna Rain?
  13. Shame On You
  14. I Wanna Party With You

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