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Review: Julian Lennon – ‘Everything Changes’

‘Everything Changes’
Out Now

By Ken Michaels

Julian Lennon’s latest album “Everything Changes'” is  a treasure to behold.  While I usually refrain from making comparisons in an artist’s body of work, somehow I don’t mind calling this Julian’s finest album.

Imagine if you’re an artist and you took all the time you need to painstakingly make sure that every song finished exactly the way you wanted in every aspect-that’s what this album sounds like.  Every song was well crafted, and sounds come off as close to perfect as they come.

Julian has always been great at writing infectious melodies, with great hooks, and here there are no exceptions, from the gorgeous ballads “Hold On,” “Never Let You Go” and “Beautiful,” to the Beatlesque “Invisible” (with a piano part reminiscent of “Imagine”) and hypnotic “Someday,” and ever-catchy “Lookin’ 4 Luv..”

His lyrics are very personal and introspective-in particular in his songs “Guess It Was Me” and “Disconnected.”  The lyrics also flow like great poetry does, and is a perfect marriage with his melodies.
And I equally enjoy the production on this album. The mixing is done just right, and Julian’s arrangements, in particular with strings and orchestrations match the songs so well.  Apart from being a strong songwriter, it also proves what a good ear Julian has in knowing what works best with his music.

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