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Claudia Price On Memory Lane Pt. 6

‘August And Everything After’ (1993)

By Claudia Price

“Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up” – Hans Christian Andersen

Part 6

Counting Crows – “August And Everything After” (1993)
It’s not like I bought the album when I was 12 years old and fell in love with it right away. I was young when “Mr. Jones” came out and I listened to it on the radio what seemed like a 1000 times. It was the time when I was a rebellious teenager just finished high school and expanding my circle of friends. The “new” friends were artists or about to become artists, they had been through a lot in their young lives and were figuring out their own sexuality. We took a ton of pictures back then where you can see the pain, the love, the joy and life experiences already. We were just hanging out having deep thoughts and long talks. Friends all of a sudden become your family. The Counting Crows were the perfect soundtrack.

Beirut – “The Flying Club Cup” (2007)
It’s a good thing that there are weekends. Although I gotta say that I really only liked the time on Fridays after work and Saturday. Sunday was just there to get mentally prepared for the boss that’s mood I couldn’t predict. And that is when Beirut comes in. A wonderful Sunday morning album with great melodies. I’ve always paid more attention to melodies than to lyrics. If it’s catchy I usually like it. Just imagine the morning sun shining into your room with a whole day of nothing ahead of you. It’s the great feeling of being completely free.

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