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5. April 2021 By Walter Price 0

…the only one, REVENGE WIFE – Earthquake

Revenge Wife – Earthquake is available at Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal.

by Walter Price

With her debut single, “Earthquake”, Revenge Wife [Elizabeth Nistico], hits that sweet spot between Yazoo and Soccer Mommy. And as the former HOLYCHILD vocalist returns to the indie spotlight with this indelible lament to forging ahead with new romantic possibilities as past traumas lurk, it’s clearly apparent that this songwriter is at the start of a remarkable solo career.

As with previous work, there is an underlying whimsey that cradles the harsh personal realities the lyrics are delivering. It’s a coping mechanism and it softens the sucker punch wordsmithery. But then, you get to this single’s DIY music video. Which a true to-the-bone study in blending anxiety-horror, interpretive dance, and dark humor. And you can stream the brilliant new song and watch the road-trippin’ film, directed by Nistico herself, now at the GTC.

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Artist photo via Facebook

Song written by Elizabeth Nistico, Ceci G, Ryder Bach
Produced by Ceci G & Ryder Bach
Mixed by Ryder Bach
Mastered by Yianni AP
Directed & Edited by Elizabeth Nistico
Cinematographer John Karna

revenge wife

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This music video is about trusting yourself and moving toward love, even when you’re haunted by past trauma. I’m making art to try to understand myself. Moving into the future in relationships or into anything I really want is so terrifying in a way. Sometimes I feel bound by fear and I’m making the music videos like horror films to show the fear that blankets my concept of love. Our main character is trusting the unknown despite flashes of past trauma, and leaving her life behind .. for what?” – Revenge Wife (youtube)

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