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Eggscellent Easter Adjacent Songs Three-Way: w/ Guided By Voices, Beastie Boys, Del the Funky Homosapien

Eggscellent Easter Adjacent Songs are available wherever you want them to be. Easter Adjacent Songs by Walter Price   Lots of historical and religious connotations, ritualistic traditions fables, myths, and foods associated with Easter, Passover, and Pascha. Subsequently, there is the commercialization cradling this hallowed holiday. And all the beautifully campy songs force-fed to children. Which is, what it is. And Its all in good humor, allegedly. But what is lacking, in my opinion, is some good ole songs for adults. So, while you color, then hide those eggs, the way Jesus wanted you to, what about some mature-ish eggscellent Easter adjacent songs about eggs…well, songs with “Egg” is the title. Sounds like a sweet as a Cadbury plan…  

Easter Adjacent Songs


Beastie Boys – Egg Man


Del the Funky Homosapien – Easter Eggs


Guided By Voices – The Future is in Eggs

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