i feel stir crazy
6. April 2021 By Walter Price 0

NEW! QUANGOU aka steebee weebee, i feel stir crazy LP

quangou aka:steebee weebee – i feel stir crazy LP is available at Bandcamp.

i feel stir crazy

by Walter Price

An album inspired by Sidney Poitier’s 1980 breaking-out classic Stir Crazy, starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, would seem a bit farfetched. But you and I don’t have the brain of multifaceted LA-based songwriter/producer/podcaster quangou aka:steebee weebee [Steven Park Lee]. ‘I feel stir crazy’ may have been sparked by the film, but it’s really just a great premise for the LP’s metaphoric need to break free of one’s new realities.

Finding new ways to cope, create and survive in a new era of seclusion, loss, and ever-nagging anxieties fuel the constant unknown. And this 10-track set is an underground thought process of an artist who is trying to deal with it all. All done in a production that brings to mind the intricate and at times avant-garde productions from the likes of MC 900 Ft Jesus, Ween, post License to Ill Beasties, and Gibby Haynes.

Quirky, unexpected, and earnest, ‘I feel stir crazy’ cuts far deeper than the comedic origins may imply. As you’re soon to discover, this is one of those releases that’s a solid reminder that it’s the rougher times in life that can form the foundation for some of the most thought-provoking music. And you can stream the album as well as 2020’s farewell tribute, ‘ode to my pops’ EP, now at the GTC.

QUANGOU aka steebee weebee, i feel stir crazy

Written and Produced by Steven Park Lee (quangou)
Production on: BOSS SP 303
Recorded in: GarageBand

Album Cover Art by: David Choe

Little Ray is featured on Track 2 (oh rodeo man), and Track 8 (son of a guns)

Track 9(how do you go?) is co-produced by Eddie Kim & Dylan Fujioka

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During the quarantine in Los Angeles, I was watching movies that I loved as a kid. One of them was 1980’s Stir Crazy-starring Gene Wilder, and Richard Pryor. Their comedic performances were “golden” to me. I was inspired to do a “concept” album surrounding the movie. I didn’t know where to start, or how to “go about” it. I just sat down with my BOSS SP 303 sampler and started making beats. By the time I finished the 3rd song-i knew I had something. Besides the harassment that I went through dealing with Little Ray-I really enjoyed the process in completing this project. Thanks for listening…” – steebee weebee

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