red right hand
29. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

HOLIDAY SIDEWINDER Has Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand, Covered

Holiday Sidewinder – Red Right Hand is available at Bandcamp, Spotify.

by Walter Price

17th Century poet John Milton writes in his epic multi-volume poem Paradise Lost, “Should intermitted vengeance arm again/ His red right hand to plague us/ What if all her stores were opened, and this firmament/ Of Hell should spout her cataracts of fire”. Words that have inspired a slew of interpreters from Stephen King to Nick Cave. And it’s the latter who, in 1994, took this good vs. evil to ‘justify the ways of God to man’ in medias res and turned it into a haunting concert favorite and a theme song that intrigues with every episode of Peaky Blinders.

A good song has the ability to continue to reveal itself to you long after you’ve actually written it. This one’s pretty good (for that).” Nick Cave

This is now, and leave it up to the wandering queen of indie disco Holiday Sidewinder to flip this track on its head and turn it into a sultry dancefloor joint comparable, if you must, to the sounds of Alli Neumann meets Berlin. Sidewinder doesn’t live in a world where she makes music that isn’t ready for a soundtrack and this redux is no exception. And you can stream this indelible stunner and the recent “Twin Flames”, now at the GTC.

Red Right Hand

+ Twin Flames

Red Right Hand
Written by Mick Harvey, Nick Cave & Thomas Wydler
Performed by Holiday Sidewinder
Produced by Ben Mark & Holiday Sidewinder
Recorded and Mixed by Ben Mark
Music by Ben Mark
Mastered by Lewis Durham
Bass & Horns by Jamie Sefton
Live drums by Matt Racher

Artist photo via Facebook

Twin Flames
Written by Holiday Sidewinder/Nicole Morier
Performed by Holiday Sidewinder
Produced by Coco Morier
Additional keys and synths Drew Erickson
Mixed by Darrell Thorp
Mastered by Masters of Audio

red right hand

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Hey man, you know
You’re never coming back
Past the square, past the bridge
Past the mills, past the stacks
On a gathering storm comes
A tall handsome man
In a dusty black coat with
A red right hand

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