porridge radio
4. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

…writing letters to myself, VIDEO/SINGLE: PORRIDGE RADIO – Sweet [Every Bad, LP]

Porridge Radio – Every Bad, expected 13 March, is available for pre-order, here.

Porridge Radio

by Walter Price

Porridge Radio’s recent single, “Sweet”, sonically has as much in common with early Blur and L7 as it does with Robert Smith’s post-punk vocal style. As it melds these comparisons with the crunchiness of grunge and riot grrrl angst. Led by one of the salient new voices of her generation, Dana Margolin, this Brighton outfit is making the sort of sounds that will ignite your inner power to feel. And in a swelling sea of powerful female artists like Soccer Mommy, King Princess and Pom Pom Squad changing the way we rock n roll, this band is a top addition to the revolution.

“Sweet” is from the forthcoming LP, ‘Every Bad’, expected 13 March, is available for preorder via Secretly Canadian Records. And you can check out the Sam Hiscox directed music video below.


Band photo via Secretly Canadian Records

Directed by Sam Hiscox
Directory of Photography Harry Wheeler
Production Designer Gini Godwin

Dana Margolin (vocals/guitar)
Georgie Stott (keys)
Maddie Ryall (bass
Sam Yardley (drums)

porridge radio

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“Porridge Radio grew out of Dana Margolin’s bedroom, where she started making music in private. Living in the seaside town of Brighton, she recorded songs and slowly started playing them at open mic nights to rooms of old men who stared at her quietly as she screamed in their faces.”

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