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Two 4 Tuesday: POPLOADER Books of Love / Summerboy Blues

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by Walter Price

Before we go headlong into the new unknowns of a New Year, I wanted to drop some lines about this cool German Indie-Pop outfit. They’re called Poploader and their blend of Britpop, 1960s bubblegum garage, and tiptop lyric writing, and oh, don’t sleep on their ultra addictive melodies will keep your toes tapping and your soul humming.

Two tracks well worth checking out as you get yourself acclimated to this trio’s vibes. A recent single, “Books of Love” and a 2020 release, “Summerboy Blues“. For all the money you can’t go wrong with the bounce and sing-a-long inducing post-punk energy of “Summerboy Blues” and the bounce and sneaky crunch of “Books of Love” will take you back to the glory days when The Archies and The Monkees ruled the charts.

If you’re into brilliant songwriting and good vibrations, then Poploader is a band to keep on your radar as you venture into 2022 and beyond. And to prove me right, you can see the music videos for these two singles, now at the GTC.


Books of Love / Summerboy Blues

Band photo by Stefan Duerr

Books of Love
Written by Markus “Maex” Muehlbauer

Summerboy Blues
Written by Rainer Marschel with Markus “Maex” Muehlbauer

Books of Love video
Produced, filmed, edited & directed by David Ignacio

Summerboy Blues video
Filmed by Markus “Mäx” Mühlbauer & Rainer Marschel
Edited by Stefan Altmann

Markus – Vocals, Bass, Keys
Rainer – Vocals, Guitars
Thomas – Vocals, Percussion


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There´s A Place That I Know Where I Wanna Go
In The Summertime Where The Flowers Grow
It´s Fun In The Sun For Someone On The Run With A Gun
It´s Fun In The Sun For Someone On The Run With A Gun

Stop Right Now
Keep Holding On
Yesterday And Tomorrow
Life Goes On

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