Paul Callan
27. December 2021 By Walter Price 0


Paul Callan See the World is availaböe at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Paul Callan

by Walter Price

To live in the moment seems more prevalent these days, as many of us have no other choice. But what does this really mean, anyway? Is what’s around us all that important or interesting in the light of current events? The answer, as it always has been, is, yes. And the somber new single, “See the World”, from County Louth singer-songwriter Paul Callan is here to remind us to take a breather and soak up our ultimately unavoidable surroundings.

Delivered in a delicate and well-traveled vocal, this song’s sentiment seems to come from experiences lived. An earnest call to appreciate our everyday environments. And while Callan seems to prefer to be somewhat of a social media mystery himself, it’s clear that this single, his twelfth of 2021, is like a journal entry that will serve the test of time. And letting his music speak for itself, is all the magic.

You can stream “See the World”, as well as Paul Callan’s Top Spotify Tracks, here at the GTC.

PAUL CALLAN See the World

Artwork and photo via Bandcamp

Lyrics and music by Paul Callan

Paul Callan

Drawing from a range of influences the craft of the song with elements of surprise and ambiguous lyrics all come to the fore. Melody abounds though so be prepared to find yourself humming along long after the song is over!” – P. Callan

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