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You’re a stranger, SINGLE: OXYJANE – Two Ways

Oxyjane – Mint Condition EP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

If you dig your rock n roll someplace between L7, Skating Polly, and early Nirvana, then the EP, Mint Condition, from Austria’s dynamite garage outfit Oxyjane will blow you away. 5 low-slung and weighty tracks with lyrical substance and raw energy that’ll take you back in time.

And if you want to get a lil taste of what this set is all about, then check out the last track “Two Ways”. A head-over-heels lament that made it onto the album almost by accident as the band explains, “Two ways is a song about people who get stuck in our heads, even if we don’t know them well. It’s about instant fascination and the possibility of taking another way on the crossroad, packed in a thrilling 80 seconds. The EP consists of 5 songs – originally we wanted to record 4; Two Ways was recorded very spontaneously with just 2 takes.”

You’re a stranger I don’t know well,
but there’s some mystic spell,
I really don’t understand.
It’s moving my heart
and making my head start
to think of you.
Something new?

If you’re into lo-fi crunchy power-chords, indelible lyrics, and solid beats that’ll move ya, then add this track to your favorite I-Love-Rock-N-Roll playlist. And you can stream “Two Ways” and the entire ‘Mint Condition’ EP, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook

Selina Galka (vocals, guitar, bass)
Lukas Schneeberger (guitar, bass)
Robert Wiese (drums)

Music produced and performed by OXYJANE
Recording, Mixing, Editing: Paul Pfleger, Markus Eichl
Mastering: Martin Scheer

Two Ways Music Video


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The songs on the EP are dealing with very emotional topics like depression or unhappy love stories. Love me or fuck you may be a radical title which doesn’t even appear in the lyrics, but this song is about making music and the feelings about not being respected or not taken seriously sometimes. In general, the lyrics are very introspective, while the musical part tends to be loud and heavy.” – Oxyjane

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