Baby 8
14. November 2020 By Walter Price 1

PLAY IT AGAIN… let’s get away SINGLE/VIDEO BABY 8 – “Painkiller Colada” [We hate each other but we hate you more, LP]

Baby 8 – We hate each other but we hate you more is avail @ Bandcamp.

Baby 8

by Walter Price

The list of reasons I’ve been rockin Baby 8’s raucous full-length ‘We hate each other but we hate you more’ is ever-expanding. Perhaps it’s their no-holds-barred approach to no excuse garage rock. Maybe it’s the nostalgic vibes that conjure up memories of hearing Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, Dead Kennedys, and Sleater-Kenny for the first time. Or it could be the undeniable riot grrrl feminism oozing from their lyrics… YES! With one last indisputable rationale for falling for this Australian super-group, is that this band and their debut album are straight-up gimmick-free rock n roll, and I like it. And so will you…

To get ya started down your road to fandom, check out the video for “Painkiller Colada”. With its cast of unforgettable characters, garden hang, smoke, drink, and spontaneous jam session… it’s so real, you can nearly taste it.

‘We hate each other, but we hate you more’ is avail via Kasumuen Records. And you can check the availability of the recent double a-side w/ Penny Ikinger at Fantastic Mess Records.


Rachel Lendvay
Katie Dixon (Powerline Sneakers)
Maureen Gearon (NQR)
Matty Whittle (GOD)

Produced by Lindsay Gravina

Artist photo via YouTube

Baby 8

facebook / kasumuen records

“X2 Guitarist, bassist, drummer and two singers thrown together in a room and left to ferment until the lid flies off revealing a punk pop ensemble like no other”

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