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Cause I dropped it, SINGLE: STARCRAWLER – No More Pennies [Nick Launay, producer]

Starcrawler – Devour You is available no at Rough Trade.


by Walter Price

When it comes to self-important rock n rollers, there aren’t too many as bumptious as Starcrawler. Utilizing their preciousness as coping mechanisms, à la Black Bananas or Die Antwoord, in arguably the best art form possible, thought-provoking songwriting. But I wonder if the band knew that they released their most powerful, possibly most personal, track when they dropped “No More Pennies”. Bien sûr, ils l’ont fair….rightly so.

I thought I’d send you some dead roses
No more pennies to fill my pockets
The kind of stuff you wouldn’t notice
No more pennies to fill my pockets
Acting tough and striking poses
No more pennies to fill my pockets
Sit at home, I feel damn hopeless
No more pennies, I can’t stop it

Stuck inside this little rocket
Floatin’ nowhere, I can’t stop it
‘Cause I dropped it

An ineffaceable and tactile slow draw track that has deep nods, conscious or not, to what The Flying Burrito Brothers and T-Rex would sound like if they wanted to release a Lemonheads single. Tasty thoughts that make this song an unwavering punk rock honky tonk beauty. Teetering on perfection.

Check out the go-for-a-ride video, directed by Arrow de Wilde and Jonathan King, below. “No More Pennies” is from the undeniably stunning LP, ‘Devour You’, available now via Rough Trade.


Band photo by Autumn de Wilde

Directed by Arrow de Wilde and Jonathan King
Additional footage / Tour footage by Gilbert Trejo
Edited by Alex Cherry
Colored by Kevin T Miller
Additional Production / Editing by Phil Laslett
Starring Annie Hardy, Mary James, Uncle Jimmy & Earth Angel

Henri Cash- Guitar
Arrow de Wilde- Vocals
Austin Smith- Drums
Tim Franco – Bass


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“[Devour You] encapsulates all the blood, sweat, bruised knees, and broken fingers of a Starcrawler show.” – Arrow de Wilde

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