One-Eyed Mule
27. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

ONE-EYED MULE What a Beautiful Ride

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One-Eyed Mule

by Walter Price

Someplace place between the grooves of Hellsingland Underground and the Counting Crows comes a track full of sunny yet cautious optimism. “What a Beautiful Ride” from the Danish outfit One-Eyed Mule is a fitting reminder of all the possibilities this world has to offer and on the eve of the 6th LP Bird of Passage (25 November), the song is described as, “…a tribute to the life that we hitchhike through to the best of our ability—It is not a “free ride” but a journey where it is important to make an effort to remain open to the magic of the moment.”

In this vastly uncertain post-pandemic world, One-Eyed Mule and their buoyant new track ask us all to sweep off the dancefloor, grab our sunglasses (and umbrellas), and choose our own transformative wide-eyed experiences. And you can stream the vibrant “What a Beautiful Ride” and see its Mads Bøtker Hansen-produced music video, here at the GTC.

ONE-EYED MULE What a Beautiful Ride

Artwork, band photo, and quote courtesy of Potato Head PR

Written by Rasmus Dall, Uffe Ipsen, Kjartan Arngrim
Composed by Rasmus Dall, Uffe Ipsen, Kjartan Arngrim, Aslak Svane

Produced by Steffen Sørensen
Mixed by Steffen Sørensen
Mastered by Brian Mørk Hansen

Cover Art: Lasse Høgh

Music Video by Mads Bøtker Hansen

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“…to simply strike sparks and create light in ourselves and our fellow human beings. We can seek the adventure ourselves and head off, but it is just as important who picks you up” – Rasmus Dall

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