The Western Civilization
26. October 2022 By Walter Price 1


The Western Civilization Bible Verses for Kids is available on Deezer, Spotify, Apple

The Western Civilization

by Walter Price

There are endless ways to interpret and live by what the Bible says. Some, like myself, regard it as a substantial set of stories and philosophies to guide daily existence. Then there are the fanatics, like that ‘obnoxious and rabid hate group’ in Kansas, who twist and manipulate the words into vile preachings that cause more damage to society and minds than humankind should allow.

But, unfortunately, that ‘church’ isn’t the only outlet spewing false prophecies. More often than not, their so-called religious righteousness or persecution, if you will, is aimed squarely at destroying the LGBTQ community. Which is a major mental health crisis worldwide. And that is the gutwrenching message in the single, “Bible Verses for Kids“, from Austin outfit The Western Civilization.

The arena-sized track and its devastatingly powerful music video tell the all too real tale of the damage done by these loathful preachings on the minds of young LGBTQ people trying to live their truths. As the weight of God and the church can destroy souls as easily as they could uplift. Tragically, at times, leading to drug addiction, self-hate, and suicide. It’s not the love thy neighbor God I know…

If you or someone you know are struggling with the balance of religion and sexuality, share “Bible Verses for Kids” with them, have a hug, and ensure them that they’re not alone in their journeys.


Band photo and album artwork courtesy of Public Display PR

Rachel Hansbro (vocals, guitar, piano)
Reggie O’Farrell (vocals, guitar, bass, synth, piano, production)
w/ contributions from Angie Holliday (vocals, piano), John Boyd (drums), Adam Bencen (drums), and Bob Lane (trumpet).

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Reggie O’Farrell
Mastered by Nick Landis at Nick Landis Mastering in Austin, Texas.

LGBTQ Youth and Mental Health Resources

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Read what your bible says and practice what you preach
The taste of bullshit in between your teeth
You’d take it back if you really gave a damn but it doesn’t matter now and you don’t know who I am
Read what your bible says and practice what you preach
The weight of fools gold in-between your teeth
It doesn’t matter what you say or think
No it doesn’t matter now
No it never meant a thing

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