KT Laine
25. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

…long way back home, KT LAINE Again

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KT Laine

by Walter Price

Take the lovelorn vibes of 1960s tragedy pop, the ghost of Roy Orbison’s guitar, and all the dead-eyed line dance inducing apathy one soul could muster and you’d just scratch the surface of the recent single, “Again”, from burgeoning British Columbian songstress KT Laine.

The should I stay or should I go track’s origin story is detailed in a quote provided to the GTC, “My new song is a double-edged sword. At the time I wrote it, my partner at the time had just left for tour and I was processing the possibilities of ending the relationship or seeing each other, Again— At times I was grateful for that distance, and other times I really did mind that it was such a long way home. It’s a restless and uncertain song that I wrote in the bath, where I would spend my time after work during Edmonton’s brutally cold winter.”

While the plotline of this dreamy bedroom pop song is evergreen, it’s the music video that may separate this one apart from its contemporaries. Directed by Sierra Nicholson and chockful of lovable weirdos, our pop heroine finds herself in a seemingly unwanted get-together replete with uncomfortable mingling, plenty of symbolic cake, and an absolutely bizarre deadpan dance sequence that’ll have you scratching your noggin and playing on repeat. Kudos to Nicholson (and cast) for capturing a one-of-a-kind lethargic visual atmosphere.

There’s no doubt that Laine is an artist to grab a hold of as she rises to the top of the indie pop scene…or perhaps she’ll cross genres and lend her timeless voice to rockabilly or sad-song alt country…there’s no foreseeable limit for this in-the-moment songwriter’s future.

You can stream “Again” and see its brilliantly crafted music video, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via YouTube // Quotes courtesy Auteur PR

Produced by Elijah Browning
Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Schenke
Photo by Sierra Nicholson
Single Art by Alessandre McGovern

Music video by Sierra Nicholson

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I wrote these songs instead of going to therapy—Whatever the words, melodies, themes happened to be, they just came out and were written exactly at the moment that I was feeling those things, sometimes in an hour.” – KT Laine

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