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Now Picture Jimmy Page

“Things change – within five years things are changing. So you’ve got to have your material mastered to that format to the way that you see it and hear it; otherwise, they’ll do it for you, and they’ll fuck it up. That’s what happened when Atlantic put out the first set of CDs. They were horrible! Absolutely appalling. And it was insulting because for Led Zeppelin, the criteria of it was always – and still Jimmy Pageis, quality.” – Jimmy Page


By Walter Price


Back in May of this year Rock N’ Roller and music journalist Jeff Slate sat in rock hero Jimmy Page’s hotel room in NYC for what turned out to be a very candid interview about most things Led Zeppelin, their reissues and now comes a part 2 of sorts as Jimmy talks his new history via photos book Jimmy Page.

In the Esquire article you’ll find 8 rare photos from the days of Page/Zeppelin +++ and a few more delectable quotes about the book and Rock N’ Roll that tingle the senses.

“Then suddenly there’s this expansion and explosion. It’s really physical. My approach to playing is really physical, and there’s a lot of undercurrent and emotion to it and I think that comes out in the pictures. I was really quite the dandy in the days of the Yardbirds, but then I thought, ‘Okay, now it’s time to take this back and really start reflecting what you’re doing through the visual of it, the visual projection as much as the music.’ So as the years go by, what I’m projecting changes dramatically. It gets to the point where the beard gets really shaggy, all that sort of thing. Then, when that beard comes off, it’s like a whole new phase of life yet again.” – Jimmy Page

Indeed Mr. Page. Really what the short read really proves is that if you want to be a Rock legend, you would be best to enroll in the Jimmy Page School of How To.

Check out 8 captivating photos and more words from Page in Jeff Slate’s article HERE.


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