Not Wasting Any Time
4. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

MY DEAR WENDY Not Wasting Any Time

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Not Wasting Any Time

by Walter Price

Singer-songwriter My Dear Wendy [Amanda Gunnels] is becoming known for her personal and melodic songs. Easily moving in and out of genres like a smooth breeze, it’s becoming clear that the Atlanta-born performer isn’t going to be pigeonholed. A perfect example is her 3-track EP “Not Wasting Any Time” (April 2022).

While the majority of indie artists shy away from their true intentions of finding success in the music industry, Gunnels is not. In a Facebook post dated April 22, 2022, she shared, “This three-song EP is a collection of tunes I wrote for licensing opportunities. A fun and challenging experience that has only motivated me to get better at it and write more out of my comfort zone.”

I hope her plan paid off, literally. I can attest to the EPs artistic success. Every track is in its own lane. The near anthem-like “We Got It All” has an indie-rock turn-it-up crunch to it, “I Can’t Wait” is a sing-a-long soundtrack-ready beauty and the title track will find fans of contemporary country-pop swooning and swaying back in forth their office chairs.

All three songs are different yet cohesive…what else would you expect from one of the most talented songwriters working today…You can stream “Not Wasting Any Time” in full at the GTC.

MY DEAR WENDY Not Wasting Any Time

Artist photo by David Lackey // Biography excerpt via

Written/arranged by My Dear Wendy

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Born and raised in an Atlanta suburb, Amanda Gunnels always had a passion for music. She began taking classical piano lessons in elementary school, and quickly evolved into a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter by the end of high school. Though piano is still her main instrument, Amanda is proficient on bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, and vocals.” – artist bio

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