Dolly Dagger
3. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

…hard just to breathe, DOLLY DAGGER Break and Bend

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Dolly Dagger

by Walter Price

Let’s step back just a bit to September 2021 and have another listen to the post-grunge beauty that is LA-based songwriter Dolly Dagger’s “Break and Bend”. A crunchy and brilliantly produced alt-rock number that’ll have fans of L7, Pumpkins, and even the Catherine Wheel adding this lament to staying connected while feeling (if not literally) isolated.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me
I know it’s hard just to breathe
My days are getting longer
Your nights are getting cold
And it’s hard to find the time to speak
But I like your words on my screen
Yeah they make me feel a little more at home

I’ve been sitting around here a lot these days
I’ve been waiting for something to change
And I know that it feels like a daze
Yeah I know, I know, I know

The pandemic has proved many things, on the brighter side of it all, if you will, is that the talented utilized the heartbreaking experience to create. And the Australian DD certainly took the feeling of distance and reliance on technologies to keep us closer to home and made not only a song we can relate to and sing along with, but also crafted a weird attention-grabbing music video as well.

With the help of Heath Saunders, the film is brimming with anxiety-filled imagery that’s well worth a few views to catch all the mind-tickling uncanniness. You may never see pancakes the same again…

Both the track and its video cement the fact that Dolly Dagger is a true artistic gem, but don’t take my word for it…You can stream the lockdown-era single and witness its trippy edit-heavy visuals, at the GTC.

DOLLY DAGGER Break and Bend

Artist photo via YouTube // Lyrics via Bandcamp

Written by Dolly Dagger
Produced by Matt Cerritos, Dolly Dagger, Jesse McInturff
Mixed by Jacob Richards
Performed by Dolly Dagger, Jesse McInturff, Emily Retsas, Ross Hodgkinson

VIDEO: Written + Directed by: Dolly Dagger
DOP, Edit & VFX by: Heath Saunders

Dolly Dagger, Jesse McInturff, Vader Fame, Jen Dog, William Von Bear. Special thanks to Emily Retsas as set assistant.

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I’ve been saying I’m alright but it’s all lies
and I think you might have guessed
I’ve been saying I’m alright but it’s all lies
and I might do it again

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