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22. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

Feeling the shift inside VIDEO: THE Y AXES – “Moon” (George S. Rosenthal, director)

The Y Axes – No Waves is available @ Bandcamp.

how we begin

by Walter Price

From one of this year’s top releases, ‘No Waves’, San Francisco’s The Y Axes just dropped the long-awaited video for their facing anxiety headlong single, “Moon”. Conceptualized by vocalist Alexi Belchere and directed by George S. Rosenthal, the film documents those sleepless inner dialogues. Burdens that will bring one to the tossing and turning crossroads of bewildering decisions. In this film, the repetitive anxiousness ends in a pillow fight… As it should…

‘No Waves’, produced by Hellam Sound, is available now on most platforms.


Directed and produced by George S. Rosenthal
Concept by Alexi Belchere
Projection by Jack Sundquist

Production assistance by Fred Hausman III, Leah Conroy, Ariestarling, Diane Cheng, Nate Budroe, Oscar Pratt, Cherika De La Rosa

The Fighters: Daphne Wyse, Zachary Straub, Alanna Taubert, Luther Patenge, Angie Ban, Ariestarling, Izzie Clark, and Lindsay Alexis Smith

no waves


Alexi Belchere – Devin Nelson – Paul Conroy – Jack Sundquist

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