No Promises Broken
6. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

…with you by my side, DYLAN LeBLANC No Promises Broken

Dylan LeBlanc No Promises Broken is available on Coyote LP, ATO Records, Apple Music

No Promises Broken

by Walter Price

Newer generations will never have the feeling of turning on AM radio or the burgeoning FM and hearing soft country peppered rock from the likes of Christopher Cross or Poco or spend long rainy days listening to concept albums and songs by Willie Nelson or Marty Robbins. But the art of storytelling via song isn’t as dead as some would think. Case in point, the forthcoming LP “Coyote” from Dylan LeBlanc.

An album ATO Records introduces as; “Though ‘Coyote’ covers familiar ground for LeBlanc of living on the edge of danger and its many consequences, the record is both autobiographical and a concept album built around the character of Coyote, a man on the run.”

I have no idea why ATO or LeBlanc didn’t get us started on this saga from the start with track 1, the title track, but the song they chose to begin us on this journey with, “No Promises Broken”, is as palpable just the same. A story LeBlanc describes as, “‘No Promises Broken’ is an honest love song about two people who come from the same troubled past, and fate intertwines them together. It’s about acknowledging that there will be hard times ahead, but vowing to stick it out without making promises to each other that they know they can’t keep.”

Leblanc’s airy vocals, soft country-tinged arrangement, and an uncertain and picturesque storyline unfolding, “No Promises Broken” is a powerfully real experience. Not to mention, an arguably good place to start after all. You can stream this single, here at the GTC.

“Coyote” is expected on October 20, 2023, via ATO Records.

DYLAN LeBLANC No Promises Broken

Artwork via Bandcamp // Quotes and artist photo via ATO Records

Coyote LP
Produced by Dylan LeBlanc

Fred Eltringham
Jim “Moose” Brown (Bob Seger)
Seth Kaufman

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The coyote is still upright, even though he’s full of arrows, even though he has been shot at and wounded many times. He still keeps going in defiance of everything that has been thrown at him. You can’t get an arrow out completely. You can break one side of it off, but the arrow is still there… there’s still a scar. It becomes a part of you… of your identity.” – Dylan LeBlanc

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