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13. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…he surrendered, NEXUS Shrinking Man

NEXUS Shrinking Man is available on Bandcamp

NEXUS Shrinking Man

by Walter Price

Being swallowed up by the shadows of who you once were can be daunting and this gnawing mental dystopia is the tone of Mike Pougounas/NEXUS’ latest single “Shrinking Man”. A journey into the dark withering psyche as Pougounas’ deceivingly whistful arrangement and brooding vocals make his bleakly picturesque lyrics more poignant.

He used to have
Some kind of talent
He could create
Some brand new worlds
All he needed
Was a little sunshine
All he needed
Was a little romance

Dalai Cellai’s cello and the storyline’s abrupt ending punctuate the track’s uneasiness. Yet there’s a certain macabre beauty within this song, as in by the song’s conclusion you’ll be rooting for the main character to pull it together…We’ll probably never know though, how it all turns out…But we can still hope for the best. Kind like like every single one of our own lives…

You can stream “Shrinking Man”, here at the GTC.

NEXUS Shrinking Man

Artist photo by Panos Skordas

Music: Mike Pougounas
Lyrics: Mike Pougounas

Keyboards, vocals and programming: Mike Pougounas
Cello: Dalai Cellai

Produced by: Mike Pougounas
Artwork by The Art Asylum

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So he stayed home
Instead of chasing windmills
He surrendered
And stopped giving any try
We all know
He was feeling lonely
He hated his guts
And cried himself to sleep

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