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NEWS?: Plant’s Answers Don’t Remain The Same

Remember how last year Robert Plant said he wasn’t the one holding up a Led Zeppelin reunion and then last month he spoke to the BBC on the chances of said reformation saying “Zero”?
Yeah, well, about that, now the currently lion faced Zep vocalist said to Rolling Stone on the matter “Everything will develop as it develops. All doors are open. All phone lines are open. I don’t hear from anybody. Talk is cheap…But I just think everything has to be new. Then you can incorporate history.”
Plant also added this bit of what-not “”Do you know why the Eagles said they’d reunite when ‘hell freezes over,’ but they did it anyway and keep touring?” he asks. “It’s not because they were paid a fortune. It’s not about the money. It’s because they’re bored. I’m not bored.”
So, what do we know for sure? That’s right, not much. 
Oh, there is the first three Led Zeppelin album reissue extravaganza coming 3 June of this year. Would be a great time to get off the fence Mr. Plant and give the fans one last looksie and an earful of one of the most influential bands in history. 
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