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10. March 2018 By Walter Price 0

NEW Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast: Shadow People Two

NEW Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast is available at Libsyn.

new nacht nacht tales podcst


Exciting news from the folks over at Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast. The program will be distributed via Libsyn. Which will allow the show to be available on iTunes, Spotify and wherever else you get your favorite podcasts. Things have been slow in to get going but the show’s producer, The GTC’s Walter Price, assures new shows will be rolled out on the regular. Nice.

The new episode, Shadow People Two, continues the family camping trip where Lily, Dugan, and family discover the haunting mystiques of the Black Forest. This week the family ventures deep into the woods and explore an ancient and abandoned village. Things get weird and frightening!

You can check out Shadow People One and Two below.

(Nacht Nacht Tales is a Global Texan Podcasts production.)



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