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In His Own Words: David Byrne on the context that shaped American Utopia

David Byrne – American Utopia is available on iTunes.

david byrne


“There’s lots of different things. In the most general sense, I started off writing over drum tracks that I got from Brian Eno and then, by my nature, started shaping those into song formats. So that would maybe be the first thing, the first context. I can probably guess that the words were somewhat informed by the world I saw around me. I don’t like to write about anything too directly. I might be concerned about a political situation, but it’s going to be kind be of limiting to write specifically about a political situation or an issue because I feel like that sort of dates a song. I’m not sure it’s actually very effective. I’m sure the climate, the kind of political climate, the social climate, all that had a huge effect on what I’ve been writing.”



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(Quote comes from the Crobín Reiff interview for UPROXX)


Video by Robert Edridge-Waks
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