Neil Young A Letter Home
15. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

Neil Young Is Neil Young

Neil Young A Letter HomeIn an interview with Howard Stern, Neil Young shows why he isn’t a curmudgeon, mostly. He shows that his goal, his only lifelong goal is to make music and leave the other poo for others to flop around in.

This video is making the internet rounds faster than the new Crosby vs. Young slap fest snowballs. A subject that Young talks about, sorta. As well as Woodstock and the invisible people wearing black, Pono, Rick James (Bitch), Bono, the boredom of cocaine, Obama, Buffalo Springfield and his father’s singing.

So, pour a glass of something and check out why Neil Young is Neil Young. Then buy ‘A Letter Home’ and prep yourself for his coming Storytone (Out 4 November via Reprise). Dig It!

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