My Sister Grenadine
17. September 2021 By Walter Price 0

>> MY SISTER GRENADINE wounding the weather

My Sister Grenadine – wounding the weather LP is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify.

My Sister Grenadine

by Walter Price

Just ahead of the approaching release, ‘sleep material’ (22.10.2021, Solaris Empire), I thought it a great idea to rewind a bit to My Sister Grenadine’s 2019 LP, ‘wounding the weather’. A hypnotic 11-track set that traverses a large swath of soundscapes. An LP with arrangments and lyrics that are all things subconscious, social conscience, sprawling, and eclectic. Replete with sneak attacks from a flugelhorn, a yip or two, and even a glockenspiel.

The Berlin-based duo of Frieda Gawenda and Vincenz Kokot know how to utilize and experiment with the spatial areas between notes and sounds, which allows for a sort of slowburn folk-pop that’s not only brilliantly unconventional but certainly something ready to soundtrack a future Wes Anderson project. A true study in the art of lack-of-obvious.

If you’re a fan of being pleasantly surprised and amused over and again while listening to an album, this one is for you. And you can stream the full ‘wounding the weather’ LP as well as see a lockdown filmed music video, created by the outfit’s very own Vincenz Kokot, now at the GTC.

MY SISTER GRENADINE wounding the weather

Band photo by Sascha Kokot

“wounding the weather” recorded and mixed at trafo hannover by nicolas schneider in autumn 2018 // mastered at 0db studio hamburg by dirk simmig in winter 2018

all songs written & performed by my sister grenadine

frieda gawenda: vocals, flugelhorn, baritone horn, glockenspiel, casio, melodica, objects
vincenz kokot: vocals, ukulele, guitar, words


sebastian kunas: percussion, electric bass, vocals, guitar, casio, synth, objects
gisbert schürig: electronics
artwork & design by jolanda todt and richard rocholl

portrayed: cheiidi

My Sister Grenadine

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“My Sister Grenadine play folk with a passion for experimentation. Constructed from a variety of instruments, entwined with polyphonic singing and attention to detail. Her music is a concentrated game of sound and language, near and far, openness and reduction. Free folk, John Cage Pop, radical softness.” – band bio

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