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31. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

Stroking the fear VIDEO PREMIER: MURMUR TOOTH – “Dropping Like Flies”

Murmur Tooth – Dropping Like Flies EP is available @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

The imagery that one’s mind will conjure up when hearing Murmur Tooth’s cinematic single “Dropping Like Flies” will certainly vary with each listener. Perhaps, hypothetically, you will sway toward dark and twisted thoughts played out like cobwebs in the faint light. Casting reaching shadows that form shapes and textures open for everchanging interpretations.

Whether its the song’s tone or the deeply personal lyrics that guide your processing, one thing is for sure…something real and beautifully eerie is looming.

They’re dropping like flies, flying like knives,
cutting like words from sticky mouths
They’re sliding like eyes, wiping their hands,
stroking the fear up your spine
Go. Go wide, go long.
Torch everything

So to create a video to compliment such a stout track, the project’s mastermind [Leah] found inspiration in a strange place, “I usually make my own music videos for my songs, but I was sifting about on Reddit one evening when I came across this girl in the US who makes animation using a mix of multimedia stuff, it was all really dark and surreal and I immediately thought of this song. “

They’re on the fence, ducks in a row,
cats bagged up ready to watch the show
With fuel on the fire it’s anyone’s call,
everyone’s blind eye turned to deaf walls

And the darkly whimsical animations that Ellie Moonan created will cause your senses to wander into your mind’s shadowy spaces, “…it enhances the feelings of isolation and mistrust that the song conveys without being too literal and obvious.”, the songwriter explains.

Flames up the curtains, treacle down the windows
Smoke out the vermin, sticky their fingers
Saying your goodbyes
Sweet mouths on fire

However you choose to explicate, the GTC is honored to debut such a visual masterstroke on this hallowed day of days.


Written, recorded and mixed by Leah from Murmur Tooth, Mastered by Allan Shotter, video animated by Ellie Moonan

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