Bad Things
30. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

Something to confess VIDEO/ SINGLE PREMIERE: ALEIGH – “Bad Things”

Aleigh – Bad Things is available @ Apple Music.

Bad Things

by Walter Price

The many selves/lives we live, choices made, the journeys between urges, missteps, and redemptions are all varying and complicated personal plights. The brand new single, “Bad Things”, from indie-star-on-the-rise Aleigh is a daunting tale that will ring familiar with most.

As the songwriter explained to the GTC, “We all have our dark sides, powerful animal drives and different notions about what’s good and bad for us, It’s completely subjective. We all have our demons, monsters in our heads that we try to escape and suppress by any means necessary, usually in ways that feel a whole lot more pleasurable than actually facing them so, we choose our poisons, momentary desires, ‘bad things ‘. “

“Bad Things” is about wanting to wipe the slate clean and start again in a different incarnation but in order to do this having to first face personal demons which have come in many guises, predominantly anger and shame.”

The accompanying DIY video is a haunting film featuring interpretive dance accentuating the uneasiness of the storyteller’s brutal honesty. And you can witness the captivating clip below. For more details on the single’s availability, follow the links.


Video produced, directed edited by Aoife Leigh, Sean Kavanagh, and Chloe Ryan. Dance sequences via Rotor Videos.

Claire Green – Cello
Sean Kavanagh – Bass
Tom Dunne – Drums
Aoife Leigh – Guitars

Audio recorded and mixed by Abbey lane Studios.

Bad Things

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