Meredith Lane Greyhound
4. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

…running from troubles, MEREDITH LANE Greyhound

Meredith Lane Greyhound is available on Greyhound LP, Apple Music

Meredith Lane Greyhound

by Walter Price

With its stardust arrangement, Jon Carmen Ezzo’s softly punctuating pedal steel, and Eagles-esque beats, Meredith Lane’s most recent single “Greyhound” will take you for a picturesque ride. This release is a reflective track. It’s a song about coming-of-age self-discovery, escape, and new beginnings. And for you classic country-rockers out there, there’s plenty of Nicks and Ronstadt coursing through its veins.

Taken from her American Standard Time Records debut LP of the same name, “Greyhound” is as bewitching as it is timeless. As going-their-own-way artists such as Margo Price, Sharon Van Etten, Jenny Lewis, and the like are finding inspiration from the classic psych and country rock to soundtrack the now, Lane and her “Greyhound” are in great company.

You can stream searching for answers single, here at the GTC.


Artist photo, artwork, and quote courtesy of American Standard Time Records

Engineers: Zion Mark, Jake Bibb
Guitars: Meredith Lane
Keys: Cooper Trail
Pedal Steel: Jon Carmen Ezzo
Bass: Zion Mark
Drums: Cooper Trail
Vocals: Meredith Lane

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Growing up in the small town of Enterprise, Oregon seems to have instilled a wanderlust in Meredith that bleeds into her songwriting. Greyhound, her debut record on American Standard Time Records is a fully formed concept album that tracks delicate, delirious, and dreamy song characters through other unknown Western towns.” – ASTR

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