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Meet The Mercy Kills

‘Happy To Kill You’
Out Now

By Walter Price

This is a band that we’ve been listening to the past couple of weeks and and we estimate that they are on their way to doing great things in the Rock N’ Roll arena!

The Mercy Kills, straight outta Australia with their fresh take on post-punk garage thrashin’ club packin’ rawk with a enough pop sensibilities to please radio but not too much that your mother will run and pick up a copy of their newly released Happy To Kill You!

We sent off a few ‘get to know ya’ questions for the band to supply answers for. Here is what they had to say…

Who is The Mercy Kills and where do you call home?
The Mercy Kills are a four shot, dirty rock girl/guy cocktail. Jen X on bass/vocals and Nathalie Gelle on guitar/vocals give a double attack with Mark E on voice and guitar and Josh Black slammin’ the beat and vocals. This foursome call Melbourne, Australia, home but feel at home where ever they kick out a killer show.

How did the band come to have the post-punkalyptic-down to the core rock n’ roll sound?
All four members share traditional rock influences…love of groups such as New York Dolls, Stooges, Stones, AC/DC, MC5 and Ramones combine with bands like Nine Inch Nails, The Cramps, Voidoids and Joy Division to give The Mercy Kills their own sound and style.

What does the world need to know about The Mercy Kills?
TMK have just released their debut album ‘Happy To Kill You’ and are touring Europe in February and March 2014.

Well said TMK, a bit third person, but job done!

We look forward to fully reviewing their Happy To Kill You and conducting a more extensive interview in the near future!

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